Welkom bij Kopersmederij Koperkunst



Copper utensils have become outdated, due to the upswing of other  materials.                          Not long ago though the immense shine of the many copper objects around, did  require one to wear sunglasses.                                                                                                      As familiar the view of all this copperware once was, as common an activity was the polishing.                                                                            Nevertheless copper remains a material with great potential, of which the many artistically produced objects I often encounter, make out solid proof.                                                                                As long as I can remember, I have been attracted to copper, and since years I gratefully use the possibilities this material offers in all of its alloys. Started as a hobby, processing this metal has over the years grown into an own copper forge.

As a result of the diversity amongst clients, sizes of my work can really differ, varying from a hat pin measuring just a few millimeters up to a 2000 liter vat for a paper mill. All of those are produced using old craftsmans techniques and tools.

How much copper forging is not just a craft from the old days but practiced in the present, I would like to show you through this website.                                                                                                        Who knows the work of the craftsman and the warm glow of copper may inspire you to take part in keeping the old alive, even in new forms.

Now take a while to view my work and the copper forge as shown on this site. Would you like to know more? Please feel free to get in touch by using the contact form, or mail me at info@koperkunst.nl.